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Light & Shadows

Today, we learned about light and shadow in our art lesson. It was really cool and it got me thinking. We can learn from shadows, especially our own. Here are some things we can learn about ourselves if we think of our own, personal shadow.

1 Who I am can NEVER be destroyed. You could throw a rock on your shadow or stomp on it and nothing will ever destroy it. This is a reminder to take risks in life and jump for the stars! I am indestructible just like my shadow.

2 There is NO limit to how far I can grow. With the right angle and light, my shadow will reach so far that a can't even see it in my life, with the right people and the mind set I can accomplish anything

3 I am 100% unique. My shadow is MINE and mine only. My shadow is a daily reminder to embrace my uniqueness.

4 Sometimes our shadow disappears or DOES IT? In life there will be clouds witch hide the best part of us but when the sun comes out the goodness of your shadow comes back.

I'm going to end with this quote...

To light a candle it is to cast a shadow

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