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Ally & Molley


Hey! It's me, Ally. . . Click on this new link to see my daily blog posts. 
You'll see daily quotes, cat facts and more!

Cute Kitten

Hello, my name's Ally! 

I'm eleven years old and I am from Florida (USA).  I love cats and dogs, fashion and a lot of sports including skiing and swimming.  I have a phenomenal little kitten who's name is Molley.  She's about eight months old and is a mix of a Siamese, Tuxedo and a Tabby cat.   I've managed to train her to walk on a leash, take her to the store and she even goes swimming with me!   Now this might sound a little far fetched, but actually, all of this training has made her an amazing pet.

I have decided to create this vlog to bring you daily updates of myself and Molley.   My content will include: caring for a cat, exercise, fashion tutorials and other exiting things. 

I look forward to sharing my regular updates with you.  - Ally

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